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Restrictions easing from 11:59pm 27 October 2020

  • Metropolitan Melbourne moves to Third Step restrictions from 11:59pm on 27 October. This means:  
  • Personal care and body art services can open. They can only offer services where the customer can wear a face mask during the entire service. Home-based businesses may also open, as long as they meet the required COVIDSafe rules. 

We interpret this as Massage Therapist will also be able to open for business on Wednesday 28 October provided they meet the required COVIDSafe rules and  wear a face mask during the entire service.

Downloads: Victoria’s roadmap for reopening – How we work in metropolitan Melbourne

Downloads: Victoria’s roadmap for reopening – How we work in regional Victoria

All of Victoria

MAA Association would like to remind all Victorian members that the state government directive requiring everyone in Victoria to wear a mask (or similar face covering) when outside of their home is now in effect. This means that massage therapists and their clients in all of Victoria will be required to wear masks during treatment unless they have a lawful reason for not doing so.


MAA can only advise Members to continue to monitor their State/Territory Government Health departments information.  The  current environment continues to change and Legislative Instruments may continue to be updated/altered as each State sees fit.  

MAA cannot advise any member to work or not to work.  That decision has to be an individual decision made by the Member based on the law in their State or Territory. 

MAA does not provide legal advice or individual interpretation of the law. We can only provide tools or links that may help them navigate through the Government websites. (Education)


State/Territory Government Health Departments link to COVID-19 Restriction

Massage Association of Australia also do empathized the frustration of members around the lack of clarity regarding the delivery of massage therapy during the COVID-19 crisis.

Northern Territory Update on Restricted Activities

The Northern Territory Department of Health have updated their 'events and gatherings' website page to say that restrictions regarding massage specifically excludes 'remedial/sports/lymphatic massage'.

MAA interprets this as confirming that therapeutic and remedial massage have been differentiated from that of relaxation massage and can be performed by members. It is, as always, your choice whether to remain open or closed based on the information available.

MAA also reminds members who continue to treat to always maintain vigilant hygiene and infection control.

We will keep you updated as new information comes to hand.

NSW Update on Restricted Activities

NSW Government

Link :

What you can and can't do under the rules

Find out how public health orders affect where you can go and what is open, closed or restricted.

Members must make their own decisions based on their Risk Management Policy and Procedures and adhere to all other rules relating to the NSW Government Rules.



Call ahead if you have any COVID-19 symptoms or are feeling unwell.

  • Chemist
  • Doctors and medical centres
  • Hospitals
  • Pathology
  • Physiotherapy
  • Remedial or therapeutic massage services


Personal services

  • Massage parlours   
  • Nail, beauty, waxing and tanning salons
  • Spas (including where they are part of a hotel)
  • Tattoo parlours
  • Strip clubs and sex services premises

Private homes

Caring for others

  • It is reasonable to leave your home or visit a home to provide care or assistance to a vulnerable person. Follow social distancing and personal hygiene advice from NSW Health. 

According to latest update NSW can open for Remedial or therapeutic massage services now updated 15.04.2020

Queensland Update on Restricted Activities

QLD Government - Queensland Health - Chief Health Officer public health directions
Link :

21.04.2020 Queensland Health update massage

Non-essential business, activity and undertaking Closure Direction (No.6)


Effective from: 21 April 2020

Posted: 21 April 2020

Direction from Chief Health Officer in accordance with emergency powers arising from the declared public health emergency

Public Health Act 2005 (Qld)

Section 362B

For the purposes of this Public Health Direction:

Non-essential business, activity, or undertaking means a business, activity, undertaking, premises or place listed in Column 1 unless the exception listed in Column 2 applies:

Column 1 Business, activity, undertaking, premises or place


Beauty and personal

care services

Column 2 Exceptions




Spas and massage parlours 

Health services provided by health practitioners registered under the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law, with social distancing observed to the extent possible.

Example – physiotherapists and chiropractors

Massage therapy for the management or prevention of a disease, injury or condition, provided by a qualified massage therapist, with social distancing observed to the extent possible.


Qualified massage therapist means a massage therapist who:

  1. holds a relevant qualification (minimum AQF level 5 (Diploma)) under the Australian Qualifications Framework;

Example – Diploma of Remedial Massage or Bachelor of Health Science (Myotherapy)

  1. is a member of a professional organisation within the meaning of section 10 of the Private Health Insurance (Accreditation) Rules 2011 (Cwlth); and
  2. holds approved provider status with one or more private health funds.

Remedial Massage are permitted to work in QLD Now

Updated 22/04/2020

SA Update on Restricted Activities

SA Government

COVID-19 FAQs Updated 24 April 2020

Extract from COVID-19 FAQs 24.04.2020:

Can I get a massage? Massage parlours are closed. However, remedial or therapeutic massage and myotherapy services provided in a clinical or health care setting may continue.

Remedial and Therapeutic Massage is now permitted in SA

Updated 27.04.2020


WA Update on Restricted Activities

WA Government

In Western Australia, massages that are provided through professional services like physiotherapists, remedial massage therapists and myotherapists are not currently prohibited by the Closure and Restriction (Limit the Spread) Directions made by the State Emergency Coordinator on 7 April 2020.

WA Police Force Liaison to State Health Incident Coordination Centre | Covid 19 (notice attached)

Members are recommended to keep a copy of the above attachment with them in case someone thinks they are doing something wrong.

Members are reminded it is their choice to remain open or close. Risk factors must be considered depending on your own personal situation and the risk factors of those around you. 

Remedial Massage permitted

updated 20/04/2020

Tasmania Update on Restricted Activities

TAS Government

Massage not permitted

ACT Update on Restricted Activities

ACT Public Health link to Notifiable Instrument Non-Essential Business 


v.  a spa or massage parlourbut not:

                       i.massage services provided by or for allied health services, such as remedial, sports, and lymphatic massage

Remedial Massage is now permitted in ACT.

updated: 23.04.2020




Message from Medibank: 

3.    Gift Cards/ Gift Vouchers

There appears to be confusion as to whether a gift card or voucher can be used to claim a benefit from Medibank or ahm. Medibank/ahm does not pay benefits for services when the services are fully covered by a third party.  This applies to gift cards and vouchers.  Should you require further information in relation to Medibank rules and policies please refer to our Member Guide (available here).  Medibank’s Fund Rules and policies are summarised in the Member Guide.  The Member Guide details when benefits are not payable. 



Health Fund Providers Reminder

The following is not a NEW Requirement but a reminder to remain compliant with Provider Health Fund Agreements.

Providers who allow their First Aid, Insurance, CPE Points and/or Member Subscriptions lapse, have their Provider status suspended until they bring their requirements into currency.  To avoid disruption to your business, please renew on or before Renewal Dates.  Remember to send in copies of evidence of renewal so records can be updated.



2019 Finance Committee Members

Joanne Griffiths - Board Member; Christine Hohmann-Andrasch - Board Member; Pauline Kelly - Board Member

Assisted by: Xuan Tran - Office Manager

The Finance Committee oversees and monitors the financial affairs of the Association and reports to the Board and Governance Committee.

Secretary: 29/05/2019


Attention: All MAA Accredited Remedial Members

BUPA will notify the MAA Office of members provider numbers.  MAA will then send an email to you advising you of your new providers numbers.  This usually takes 7-10 days.

Provider numbers for all other Health Funds are as per instructions in the "Health Fund  Companies Information" provided in your Accredited Members pack. Click here to download from our website. 

MAA Office

16 September 2013



Provider Registration Changes

Effective Monday 2 September 2013 Australian Unity will no longer recognise Certificate IV in Massage Therapy practice qualifications. 

The MAA has provided a list of all MAA Members with Certificate IV Massage Therapy qualifications to Australian Unity as requested.

Please email Australian Unity  and this team will be able to assist with any queries on the changes.


August 2013