Members on Leave.

MAA has a leave provision to assist members maintain their membership during the period they are not in active practice. This can include but not limited to pregnancy, OS Travel, looking after another person or just needing a break.

To apply it is as simple as emailing the office and letting them know that you would like to apply. You will need to state the date you whish to start and pay the first 12 months.

Why should I go on leave: Members on leave are considered to be active members and will be provided with the same support as when you were in active practice. This includes Endorsing of existing qualifications, Qualification recordkeeping, Support/Advocacy and other functions.  

What is the current fee: The current fee is $110.00 per year.

Who is eligible: members that are active, financial, and meet their mandatory compliancy requirements at the time of application.

When does it start: Your leave will start from the date you indicate when you apply. Your first 12 months starts from the date your current subscription ends.

How long can I be on leave: The good thing is that as a member we will not restrict you on the total time you can be on leave, but Accredited Professional Members (APM) will need to apply for EXTENDED LEAVE if they wish to be on leave longer than 12 Months as well as meeting some other conditions.

Are there any mandatory compliancy requirements: No, but you will need to meet these before you return to being an active member. Please note that if you are required to apply for extended leave this is not the same.

How do I come back: Confirm your details with the office and pay your subscription, you will need to provide evidence of your mandatory compliancy requirements before we can apply for any accreditation on your behalf.

I don’t need 12 months but: Unfortunately, we are not able to offer different amounts of leave but you can request a discount when you return of up to 6 unused months at $5.00 per month.

CPD/E: While not a requirement except if on extended leave, it is recommended that you try to complete some CPD/E especially under the PMMT type during your break.

  • Members returning will be given 6 months to complete their minimum amount of CPD/E.
  • APM Members on Extended Leave are required to obtain the minimum required level in the first 6 months of extended leave and then maintain the required level after this.
  • NPM Members are to complete at least one CPD/E activity each 12 months.

EXTENDED LEAVE: application for extended leave is for APM only and is to meet Health Fund Requirements during the next and subsequent leave periods. You will need to obtain the minimum required level in the first 6 months of extended leave and then maintain the required level after this.

I would still like to be involved in MAA during my break: Can I be involved in,

  • The Board: No, not unless you are appointed under a different capacity.
  • A Working Groups: Yes, this is a great way to stay involved and give back to the association.
  • MAA CPD/E, Yes, as long as you do not practice Massage or Manual Therapy on another person.
  •  An AGM or other formal meeting, Yes, but you will not be allowed to vote during these events.