Low Cost Massage Liability Insurance

MAA has partnered with insurance.com.au (formerly Insurance House) to provide insurance options at a negotiated rate for members.

The offering covers Civil Liability and Public & Products Liability and allows members to cover a wide range of health modalities.

This offer is only available to members.

It is up to our members to arrange their own insurance and determine the policy that best meets their needs.


Should you wish to purchase insurance via insurance.com.au please select one of the following options:

MAA Members

Members wishing to purchase, please visit the MAA membership page on insurance.com.au

If it is your first time renewing or purchasing via insurance.com.au you will need to select Get a Quote on the above link. If you have renewed via insurance.com.au in the past, click Login.

If you have any queries, please contact the team at insurance.com.au on 1300 468 730 or via email support@insurance.com.au.


If you would like to take out a complementary policy with insurance.com.au, please complete the form in the link below.

and submit to support@insurance.com.au. The insurance.com.au team will review and confirm you are eligible before arranging your policy.


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About Our Association

In the early 1980’s the massage profession in Victoria was a rather small and intimate group of practitioners. Inevitably several associations were formed each one concerned with promoting and maintaining their particular method. Almost inevitably again the urge to "grow" was being felt and certain mergers took place. It was one of those mergers which triggered off the founding of the MAA Ltd.