In the early 1980’s the massage profession in Victoria was a rather small and intimate group of practitioners. Inevitably several associations were formed each one concerned with promoting and maintaining their particular method. Almost inevitably again the urge to "grow" was being felt and certain mergers took place. It was one of those mergers which triggered off the founding of the MAA Ltd.

The objective was to create a multi modality association catering for the many who were not accepted by or did not wish to join the various massage associations at that time.

Our Vision & Mission 
To become the leading representative body supporting all Massage Therapists from the beginning of their careers. 
The aims of the MAA are:  

  • To be of Service to our members, practitioners, the massage profession and the associated schools.
  • To communicate and build bridges between the massage and other health professions.
  • Educating the general public regarding the numerous benefits from massage.
  • Maintaining a realistic view of massage.

Our Profession can flourish by keeping massage in an area of mutual respect and care.

Management Structure

The MAA Ltd. operates on the basis of volunteers guiding the organisation through the annually elected Board of Directors. Certain tasks may have to be outsourced but the ultimate responsibility will be with the Board of Directors . Members are assured that tasks will get done albeit these tasks may occasionally take time.