Whether or not you are a Health & Wellbeing or an Accredited Member, making an effort to find a MAA approved provider for any continuing professional education classes you may wish to take can be a wise move. This is because those teachers and organizations who have received the official title of MAA CPE approved provider have gone through a review and evaluation process to ensure that the material they deliver to each member has met the high standards of the MAA.


Cupping therapy with Nicci Blain

Brookbush Institute


3 Certifications, 150+ Courses, and so much more.

· Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) Certification

· Human Movement Specialist (HMS) Certification

· Integrated Manual Therapist (IMT) Certification

· 150+ CEC approved courses

· Courses on desktop or mobile app

· 500+ videos & 500+ articles

· New features and content added weekly!


Completing courses and certifications has never been easier, and the quality of courses has never been higher!


Positive Thought Healing Course - 25% Discount for MAA Members


  • Course name: Positive Thought Healing Course
  • Course inclusions:  HOME STUDY COURSE with a 112-page PDF handbook, 50 video tutorials, 20 written lectures, and bonuses! Also earn CPE credits towards your MAA membership upon successful completion!
  • To see full details of the course and to enroll: 
  • Location:  Conducted online via Melissa's Student Platform
  • Price:  Normally $77 -- but MAA members get 25% OFF so it's only $57.75 -- use the coupon code MAA25 before completing checkout!  

Who is Melissa?  Melissa Crowhurst is a qualified Massage Therapist (2012), CPE provider and full member of the MAA, Usui Reiki Master Teacher (2014), an accredited training provider of the International Association of Therapists, and a highly experienced online instructor in energy healing at Natural Healer (a board certified accredited institution with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners and the International Natural Healers Association) - with over 99,000 students worldwide!






Location: Cairns

Cost: Call or Email to Enquire

Qualification on Completion: Certificate

Lomilomi is a spiritual and healing style of massage originating from the Hawaiian islands, passed down through family lineage and once reserved for royalty.

Lokahi Lomilomi is native Hawaiian Dane Kaheolani Silvan’s trademark style. His style uses clinical techniques with long continuous flowing strokes which mimic the waves or swaying palm trees motions to relieve tension, reduce inflammation, realign the body and promote positive energy flow. The best way to restore the body, mind and spirit.

Course Currently Offered:

  •     Lokahi Lomilomi Essential Course
  •     Lokahi Lomilomi Lominoho Course

For more information please contact Yumiko on 0418 870 278 or




Central Springs School of Massage, Home Study Courses or Personalised Tuition

Home study courses or

Personalised tuition
Approved Training Provider for CPE points and professional liability insurance.
Go to

Why Study at Central Springs School of Massage

  • Approved qualification from a reputable school.
  • Teaching experience and expertise guaranteed.
  • Modern Knowledge and ancient wisdom is combined in all courses.
  • Professionally produced DVDs available as MP4 download or hard copy to assist with ongoing learning and refinement of techniques after the course.
  • DVD and or Mp4 download ensures you will always have a copy and reference for revising your techniques long after the course.
  • Director, Kaye Dixon continually studies and teaches different massage and healing modalities both internationally and within Australia.
  • CSSM is continually reassessing courses to maintain a high standard of competency.

Modalities offered both homestudy and personalised tuition- please on Ctrl click to be taken to website for more info:

Therapeutic and Relaxation Massage 40 hours $395

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Heartworks 30 hours $395

Hawaiian Kahuna Temple Style Lomi 30 hours each beginner and intermediate $395

Hot Stone Massage 20 hours $295

Foot Reflexology 20 hours $295

Hand Reflexology 16 hours $165

Ayurveda Indian Head Massage 20 hours $295

Shirodhara: Ayurveda Spa Therapies 20 hours $245

Ayurveda Abhyanga Massage 30 hours $345

Ayurveda Marma Point Massage 8 hours $89

Palliative Care Aromatherapy and Massage currently available as teaching module

Aromatherapy Foot Spa Ritual 8 hours $75

Seashell Crystal Healing  8 hours $45

For course outline, assessment requirements and hours of study required to gain approved certification go to

 Buy now: Products – Central Springs School of Massage and Healing Retreats



Home study courses: testimonials 

Hi Kaye,
Just wanted to say thank you for making such an enjoyable and easy to follow homestudy course available.I have had an interest and passion for foot massage for as long as I can remember.I wanted to do a foot reflexology course but due to work and family committment was not able to attend classes. I decided to look into it again and came across your courses.So thank you once again. Marianne

Kaye has a passion and extensive knowledge for massage and healing and I would describe her studio as a sanctuary for developing not only your massage techniques but also a space for developing self-love and self-confidence
I highly recommend her courses for anyone interested in becoming a registered massage or healing therapist


Hi Kaye.

I’d like to pay you a complement regarding the online reflexology course content, I am undertaking.
Even though, l didn’t complete my reflexology diploma, due to illness some time ago, I still benefited from a year of study and clinical practice.
The course you offer, is very precise and covers very much so, the important fundamentals and principles of reflexology. You most certainly have delivered a well rounded very informative course.
I’m very happy with both, reflexology and Indian head massage content study material I am undertaking.
Cheers and regards. Thank you.
Trish Diehl.


Kaye Dixon
email  Mobile: +61 0407 645 764


Updated 30.04.2020


Business name: Byron Thai Massage School
Course Name: Thai Massage Practitioner Training Course
Location: Byron Bay, NSW   
Booking: E: 
Certificate:  Of completion in Traditional Thai Massage, recognized by MAA.
Business name: Byron Thai Massage School
Course Name: Basic Thai Massage Course
Location: Byron Bay, NSW      
Booking: or click here for Registration Form
Certificate:  Of completion in Traditional Thai Massage.
This intensive course offers a combination of only the most simple stretches and techniques taught in the Practitioner Training Course. With no meridian work (Sen Lines) or complex stretches, it is a great option for learning an easy sequence that will give you approximately 2 hours of material.
This will include pressure points and stretches on the front, back and sitting positions, including neck and face massage.
The whole sequence you’ll learn is a complete full body massage that can be a great tool to have to work on family and friends or to just have a taste of Thai Massage, or some extra tools to add to your massage work.
Classes are limited to 8 students, so that individuals receive complete professional training and personal attention.

Institute of Holistic Therapies

Institute of Holistic Therapies - Australia

Institute of Holistic Therapies was born in 2001 from passion and compassion, and embraces all aspects of health, beauty, spa and complementary therapies in holism, in accordance with the laws of the divine nature. 

Institute of Holistic Therapies is committed to mutually beneficial long term relationships and works on the principles of mutual trust and respect.  If this resonates with you, let's connect.

IHT Trainings

  • All IHT Certificate and Diploma courses are conducted by an approved and certified workplace trainer and assessor with an impressive international reputation and many years of tutorial experience. Having worked in the health, beauty and spa industries since 1988, the qualified facilitator brings the teaching and workplace expertise gained from all over the world to the training, providing an holistic experience. 
  • Personal one-on-one training conducted in a professional, nurturing, private and healing space in Melbourne, Southbank, Victoria. 
    • Training sessions are tailored to suit the trainee.
    • Training dates are selected to suit both the trainee and trainer.
    • Convenient location in Southbank, Victoria; with free permit parking and close to public transport.

Professional Recognition And Accreditation

The facilitator:

Corrine Brown is committed to bringing balance, harmony & wellbeing from the heart centre. Training instructions are delivered with dedication to promote healthy boundaries, safe loving touch & communication through research, training, education and continued growth & development with practice through spiritual evolvement.

  • Approved Trainer with Australian Holistic Healers and Counsellors Association.
  • ARC Referred Practitioner and Reiki Master Teacher.
  • Ajara Skin Care's (USA) sole and exclusive certified Australian Trainer
  • Authorised Peter Hess Educational Sound Massage Practitioner. 
  • Authorised Magnified Healing Master Teacher & Practitioner. 
  • Authorised R.E.S.E.T. Instructor.
  • International Examiner for the prestigious International CIDESCO Diploma. 

Institute of Holistic Therapies:

Your Institute of Holistic Therapies' Diploma qualifies you to use these titles after your name:
  *Dip.ASpTh (Diploma of Ayurvedic Spa Therapies)
  *Dip.HBTh (Diploma of Holistic Beauty)
  *Dip.HMTh (Diploma of Holistic Massage)
  *Dip.HRTh (Diploma of Holistic Reflexology)
  *Dip.HSTh (Diploma of Holistic Sound Therapies)
  *Dip.HTh (Diploma of Holistic Therapies)

IHT Quick Links:


Contact page:                          

Certificate Courses:              

Diploma Courses:                   


Facilitator Qualifications:     








Rocktape Kinesiology Training Courses


Rocktape’s taping protocol is quickly becoming the standard for kinesiology taping in the medical industry.  The Rocktape courses are Australia’s most popular kinesiology tape courses.  In 2014 we conducted in excess of 60 full and half day courses, attended by more than 1,500 people.  Why the interest?

Unlike other methods, Rocktape’s taping protocol is based on an ‘open source’ philosophy; we don’t believe there’s only one right way to tape.  We welcome applications and techniques that others have developed.  This community-based approach to taping integrates concepts from all other methods and provides a framework for the practitioner to determine the best approach.

We have now developed several different options to provide education about kinesiology taping.

  1. The full day courses remain our principal method of introducing the concept of kinesiology taping to the majority of practitioners, as well as teaching them the concepts of “Power Taping”, utilising the benefits of kinesiology taping to tape the muscles associated with a particular activity, linking the muscles of the appropriate kinetic chain, i.e., lower back, hamstring and calf muscles that make up the posterior chain.  Investment – $290, or $190 for undergraduate students.
  2. Our half day courses are attractive to busy practitioners, and those that are just keen to learn the basic principles of kinesiology taping.  These courses focus on the more commonly used Rocktape applications within the three categories of regional taping, oedema taping and postural control.  Investment – $150, or $95 for undergraduate students.
  3. Rocktape 2 – a full day course for practitioners wanting to learn more kinesiology taping techniques and have a more in depth look at the various Power Taping applications.  This course is designed for those who have already completed one of our standard courses, or who are regular users of kinesiology tape.  Investment – $290, or $190 for undergraduate students.
  4. New in 2015 is Rocktape Equine – we offer both a full day course covering kinesiology taping applications for both the human and horse, and a half day course focusing on how to assist performance and recovery, during and post competition.  Investment – $390.

All courses have a significant practical component which allows an opportunity for the attendees to attempt taping numerous applications, which is important given it is quite different to rigid tape techniques.  This ensures they feel confident enough to start using Rocktape with their clients when next in the clinic, gym or sports change rooms, and they have many application ideas to use.

Follow link to upcoming courses.


Phone: 08 9379 3400

Fax: 08 9379 3401

                        Mobile: 0439 619 490


Core Body Therapy

Core Body Therapy is a complete system of bodywork not offered at any other institution, it is the culmination of 17 years of teaching and practising Myofascial Release.

The focus of this course is to offer high quality training that will not only improve clinical results but also deliver a profound understanding of the musculoskeletal and myofascial system and the development of the therapist’s tactile skills to the highest level.


Professional Certificate in Myofascial Release

This course teaches the treatment and assessment of:

  • Forward head posture
  • Complex hip and pelvic issues
  • Headaches and the temporomandibular joint.
  • Lower and upper limbs
  • Complex neck, head and shoulder issues
  • The thoracic spine and rib cage.
  • Lumbar spine and sacroiliac joint

We will explore:

  • The wholistic nature of Myofascial Release
  • The mind/body continuum
  • The innate intelligence of the human body and it`s capacity to heal and self correct.
  • The fascinating phenomenon of fascial unwinding as a means to heal the body/mind.
  • How to read the body for more effective treatment strategies and treatment outcomes.
  • Personality types and posture

All Core Body Therapy courses can be completed individually or part of the Professional Certificate in Myofascial Release

Course & Electives:

MFR of Lower Limbs                                     

Advanced Pelvis                                          

Module 1 - Core MFR                              

Module 2 - Applied MFR                            

Module 3 - TMJ, Neck & Pelvis                  

Module 4 - Advanced MFR                        

Module 5 - Cranium, headaches & Adv TMJ         

1 Day Courses

Treatment of Headaches             

Treatment of Headaches

Headaches, neck and head pain are very common ailments affecting many people in society.

In this 1 day course you will explore different types of headaches, their signs and symptoms, anatomical influences and treatment strategies.

You will gain the knowledge and skills to treat headaches using Myofascial Release that are caused by hypertonic muscles, trigger points and anatomical imbalances within the musculoskeletal system.

You will learn:

  • The aetiology of migraine and tension headaches, including signs and symptoms.
  • The role of trigger points in head, neck and facial pain.
  • Anatomy of the major muscles involved in the creation of head and neck pain.
  • The role of the spinal dura in the perpetuation of headaches and neck pain.
  • Trigger point referral patterns of the trapezius, sternocleidomastoid, splenius Capitus,masseter,occipitalis and frontalis.
  • Treatment protocol in the treatment of headaches,neck,head and facial pain.
  • Demonstration of therapeutic techniques for the major muscles involved in the creation of head and neck pain such as:
  • Ischemic Compression
  • Transverse Frictions
  • Myofascial Release
  • Muscle Energy Technique
  • Trigger Point Therapy

Postural Assessment & Foam Rolling

Postural Assessment & Foam Rolling   

Postural Assessment is an integral part of developing treatment plans and identifying areas of restriction and immobility.

An ability to read posture is essential to delivering targeted long term results.

Empower your clients and improve your results

You will learn how to:

  • Perform a postural assessment
  • How to per movement screens to determine areas of restriction and poor mobility
  • Be able to teach clients in the use of foam rollers and Self Myofascial Release
  • Gain treatment protocols for forward head posture and anterior pelvic tilt

Successful practices are built on superior assessment skills making this course the perfect adjunct to your development as a practitioner.

Combining postural assessment and movement screens with the knowledge to teach your clients foam rolling techniques will not only assist you as a therapist to do better work, but also allow your practice to thrive.

For more information on all our courses go to or contact Chris O’Brien on 0405 386256



Course Summary

  • MAA Accredited Course
  • Easy pay payment plans available
  • 30+ years’ clinical and teaching experience
  • Training Videos on FREE Dry Needling App
  • 66 Courses per year in 7 capital cities
  • 10% discount on needle purchase
  • FREE Dry Needling Starter Pack

Over 200 5-star testimonials just like these…

“Good practice backed by sound knowledge base. Excellent focus on safe practice.”

Amanda (RMT)

“Very impressed with the course content and layout. Informative and concise with excellent communication.”

Beth (RMT)

Course Description

The 80-hour Dry Needling course is open to Remedial Massage Therapists, Registered Nurses and Occupational Therapists interested in treating Myofascial pain.

The course is made up of 60 hours online theory plus 20 hours face-to-face practical training (Friday 5-8pm, Saturday 8-6pm & Sunday 8-5pm).

The 20 hours of practical training must be completed during a single practical course. The online theory program is to be completed before joining the practical course. We advise practitioners to enrol at least 4-6 weeks before the practical course commencement to allow time for theory completion.

Since 2013, we’ve taught over 4000 Remedial Massage Therapists in 8 capital city locations around Australia. We are now the largest provider of Dry Needling courses in Australia. We present over 66 courses every year, which includes online theory plus the face-to-face practical.

Course Structure

This Dry Needling is an 80 hour Dry Needling course specifically designed for Remedial Massage Therapists, Registered Nurses & Occupational Therapists to meet insurance and association requirements.

What will you learn at our 80-hour Dry Needling course?

The 80-hour Dry Needling course is presented in two parts: the Online Theory program and the Practical Course.

The online theory is completed before joining the practical course.

Online Theory: 60 hours.

Our comprehensive online program guides you through the following areas of study:

  • Clinical anatomy
  • Surface anatomy
  • Common clinical conditions
  • Definitions & glossary
  • Dry needling research

Additional Modules:

  • Module 1: Introduction & Benefits of Dry Needling
  • Module 2: The History & Background of Dry Needling
  • Module 3: The Neurophysiology of Dry Needling
  • Module 4: Myofascial Trigger Points
  • Module 5: Safety & Risk Management
  • Module 6: Needling Techniques

Practical Course:

The 20-hour practical training hours must be completed during a single practical course. We’ll cover the following muscles on Friday & Saturday:

  • Adductor Longus
  • Biceps Brachii
  • Biceps Femoris
  • Brachioradialis
  • Deltoid
  • ECRB
  • ECRL
  • ECU
  • Extensor Digitorum
  • FCR
  • FCU
  • Gastrocnemius
  • Gluteus Max
  • Gluteus Med
  • Gluteus Min
  • Gracilis
  • ITB
  • Multifidi
  • Palmaris Longus
  • Peroneus Brevis
  • Peroneus Longus
  • Rectus Femoris
  • Sartorius
  • Semimembranosus
  • Semitendinosus
  • Soleus
  • Tibialis Anterior
  • Triceps Brachii
  • Upper Trapezius
  • Vastus Lateralis
  • Vastus Medialis

On Sunday we’ll cover these conditions and how to use Dry Needling to treat them:

  • Acute & Chronic LBP
  • Neck & shoulder tension
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Medial & Lateral Epicondylagia
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Ankle Inversion Sprains
  • Achilles Tendinopathy
  • Knee pain
  • Infra & Supra Patellar Tendinopathy
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • TMJ pain
  • Dental Pain

The Extras  - Once you successfully complete the Dry Needling Introductory Course you’ll receive:

  • A Certificate of Completion
  • A Free Dry Needling Starter Pack so you can get going straight away
  • An Acuneeds Australia Discount Voucher for your first purchase of needles

Web Link:

Locations and dates:

Cost: $1,394 for 80-hrs training

CPE Points: 80

For more information: please contact Louise (0404 646 806) email:








This online and face to face course focuses on what you need to know to become a qualified and skilled Dry Needling practitioner

Theory is completed online at your own convenience prior to the course and comprehensively covers all safety and knowledge issues as required by AHPRA.

Face to face tuition is ALL PRACTICAL and includes

– Palpatory skills of osseous, muscular and arterial structures

– Anatomy - precise location of relevant structures and their

relationship to Dry Needling

– Safe needling practices and techniques around dangerous areas

– Point location and specificity of points 

– Needling skill and competency

– Coverage of different needling techniques

Level 1 includes in-depth coverage of upper limb, lower limb, lumbar.

Level 2 includes in-depth coverage of lumbar, thorax, cervical, and TMJ.

Included in the course is:

- Access to online theory and practical demonstration videos of all 

anatomy and points covered in the course

- Online access to online surface anatomy, soft tissue identification

and case studies

- Face to face in-depth tuition of anatomy, palpation and various 

needling techniques to treat a range of clients in practice

- Online access to all PowerPoint material, course notes, research 

papers covered in the course, as well as supplementary material that is not covered in the course

- comprehensive coloured course workbook of all points taught

- starter pack including needles and sharps for Monday morning

- Quality teaching from a working practitioner who uses these skills

every day

- Access to the facilitator post course


The Precise Points Dry Needling Course has proudly been teaching Chiropractors for over 8 years. The facilitator, Gino Lo Pilato is a registered Osteopath and Acupuncturist working in Surry Hills Sydney and has a special interest in anatomy and needling for manual therapists. He has previously taught anatomy in the wet labs at the University of Western Sydney and other institutions across Sydney, as well as conducting dissection at the University for 4 years.


For course registration and further information please go to or email:





APRIL 27 - 29


MAY 25 -27


JUNE 15 - 17


JUNE 22 - 24


AUG 3 - 5


AUG 10 - 12


SEPT 21 - 23


OCT 5 - 7


NOV 2 - 4


NOV 16 - 18


NOV 23 - 25



Endeavour College of Natural Health

Campuses in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Perth

phone:  1300 462 887

Expand your skill set and follow your curiosity …

Aromatherapy; Couples Massage; DIY Skincare; First Aid; Lymphatic Drainage; Rayid Iridology; Reflexology; Sports Nutrition; Super Nutrition; Tui Na Massage; Yoga

Certificate IV Aromatherapy; Certificate IV Holistic Counselling and Mind Body Medicine Diploma Reflexology; Diploma Remedial Massage; Diploma Holistic Counselling and Mind Body Medicine; Advanced Diploma Holistic Counselling and Mind Body Medicine;
Advanced Diploma Homeopathy

Acupuncture; Homeopathy; Musculoskeletal Therapy; Naturopathy; Nutritional Medicine
Western Herbal Medicine


Online CPE — Any Time Any WHERE

We aim to provide quality evidence based courses in a very convenient and cost effective format, giving the therapist a scientific understanding to back up their work

SHORT COURSES - 10 CPE Points Each
  • The Shoulder Guided Study Workshop
  • Understanding Fibromyalgia Guided Study Workshop

Lymphoedema Academy of Australia

Manual Lymphatic Draining Therapy Training Course, Treating Grade 1*2*3* Lymphatic Drainage Theraphy Training Course

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Theraphy Training (MLDT) may be practiced as a single modality in your private practice clinic or incorporated with your professional/personal skills in hospital or nursing home environment, palliative care, physiotheraphy, occupational therapy and home.

The course will provide participants with the knowledge and understanding needed to reduce swelling in clients' limbs and to help them provide support, information and guidance to their clients to manage their lymphedema at home with a personalised plan.

On completion of the course you will recieve a certificate of accreditation with the Lymphoedema Academy of Australia as a "Practitioner of Lymphoedema". All students will reiceve free advertising on the LAA website under the section of "Find a Practitioner".

Where & When: Various dates and locations
Cost: Visit website for up-to-date details
Duration: 150 hours education and training with prior learning from resource material. Home studies are required to be completed and send to the LAA before commencement of class. 5 face-to-face intense practical days, including basic and advanced compression bandaging, theory and practical assesement.

Australian Institute of Lymphoedema.

CANpractice gives you a qualification as a respected lymphoedema practitioner in the Casley-Smith Method of Treating Lymphoedema.

Becoming a qualified lymphoedema practitioner means that you will have the skills and knowledge in order to deliver specialised lymphatic services to your patients which include manual lymphatic drainage, decongestive exercises, bandaging, garment prescription and other therapies such as pneumatic compression and kinesiology taping.

This course is 135 hours via online learning and one week face to face. This course is the only Australian approved Casley-Smith course and is recognised by the Australasian Lymphology Association.  

To learn more visit: