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The MAA is a multi modality association catering for massage practitioners who have gained qualifications from a range of Australian and international institutions.  The MAA helps members be successful professionals by assisting them to stay abreast of developments in the industry, and the MAA’s core policy regarding the welfare of and offering value to members remains paramount.  Membership provides access to:

Industry information and advice
Continuing Education
Competitive insurance



MAA membership renewal fees are lower than other massage associations because there is a clear focus on providing practitioner essentials and operating on a lower cost base.  Membership categories are:
Therapist in Training                
Health & wellbeing
Accredited Therapeutic
Accredited Remedial
Accredited Myotherapy


low cost premiums up to 50% less

A requirement for all levels of membership is to take out appropriate insurance to best protect their interests.  Insurance House is delighted to be the insurance provider for MAA members for the seventh year running.  The product is a true market leader for hands on modalities massage practitioners and offers comprehensive cover.  Importantly, $20 million cover is provided for three policies in one:

Malpractice Insurance
Public Liability Insurance
Goods sold and supplied insurance




In the early 1980s the massage profession in Victoria was a rather small and intimate group of practitioners. Inevitably several associations were formed each one concerned with promoting and maintaining their particular method.  Almost inevitably again the urge to “grow” was being felt and certain mergers took place.

It was one of those mergers which triggered the founding of the MAA Inc - Victoria. As MAA grew and the trend and demand from therapists form other states grew, MAA changed over to a Ltd company to meet the requirements to embrace new members from other states.

The objective was to create a multi modality association catering for the many who were not accepted by or did not wish to join the various massage associations at that time.  An association very strongly focused on self regulation.  There is no doubt MAA has changed over the years and intends to continue to change and to stay abreast with the times however the MAA’s core policy regarding the welfare of its members is paramount and will remain and education of members and the public to meet the changing legislation requirements for Australian Unregistered Health Care Professionals safe client care and health clinic business practices.



MAA operates on the basis of volunteers guiding and supporting the organisation through the annually elected Board of Directors.  Certain tasks are outsourced but the ultimate responsibility is with the Board of Directors.  Members are assured that tasks will get done albeit these tasks may occasionally take time.  The office is based in Moorabbin, Victoria and is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 4pm (EST and EDST).



We expect from our members that they:

                (i)           Display the membership certificate and Code of Conduct clearly visible in their practice room
                (ii)          Abide by the Code of Practice / Conduct
                (iii)         Conduct their practice in a holistic manner
                (iv)         Participate in the activities of MAA as fully as possible, and
                (v)          Abide by the Rules of the Association.



Any person who has qualified with a certificate or diploma in a massage modality issued by a reputable school or institution known to us, can apply for MAA membership.  This applies to schools and institutions in Australia or overseas.  We request that the applicant submit copies of their documentation and where necessary, an official translation.

If we are in doubt about the standards or bona fides of the school/institution attended we have the option to ask the applicant to follow an appropriate course with a specified school.


Therapist in Training MEMBERS

Therapist in Training membership is available to students enrolled full time in a nationally accredited course at the level of Certificate IV through to a Bachelor Degree.  Applicants should supply a letter confirming their enrollment from their course coordinator.  Students enrolled in Recognition Pathway courses (RPL) of Part Time delivery while they work professionally are not eligible for Therapist in Training Membership.

Full Time Students continuing through from Certificate IV into Diploma then onto  Advanced Diploma or University Degree courses are eligible for FREE full professional indemnity insurance to cover them while they study and carry out required 'hands on activity' related to practical applications and setting up of their own professional clinic while studying their course.

The Therapist in Training Membership fee is an Annual Membership fee and must be renewed at the annual anniversary date throughout their study while enrolled as Full Time Students.

The Free Student Insurance is also renewed at the anniversary date for each year of study.

The Free Student Insurance Certificate is provided by Insurance House under the MAA Master Policy terms and conditions of MAA approved study courses.


Members who have completed a nationally accredited course of massage at the level of Cert IV, Diploma, Advanced Diploma or Bachelor Degree are eligible to apply for accredited status that enables them to apply to be recognised as a provider with Australian health funds.  Membership of an approved association such as the MAA, up to date insurance and first aid qualifications, and adherence to a continuing education program, are all criteria for continuing eligibility as a health fund provider.



In most cases applications will be processed within 2-3 weeks of receipt.  Upon acceptance you will receive a membership certificate and a  'welcome pack'.  Members applying for accreditation will also receive an accreditation certificate and their details submitted to participating Health Funds for provider status.  NOTE:  Specific Education Criteria conditions applies to requests for listing with Medibank Private & HCF.  Education must match the specified requirements for each Health Fund.  Education delivery must be a minimum of 12 months duration for Diploma of Remedial Massage graduates.  Each Health Fund has specific requirements for eligibility to be listed on the Health Fund register.  Accredited Members: The agreements (Terms and Conditions) for each Health Fund is between the Therapist and the Health Fund.  Each Health Fund may remove a therapists Provider number at any time that the Health Fund determines the therapist has not adhered to the specific Terms and Conditions required of them.  A therapist may appeal directly to the Health Fund if their Provider Number is removed.

Sending Applications to the Office:

Applications can be scanned and emailed, faxed or posted to the office.  Members local to the Office are welcome to drop in between the hours of 9:00 am and 4:00pm and have their Application processed within a couple of hours.  Local Cafes and shops are located conveniently nearby.

                         Suite 39, L1 93 Wells Rd.                                       Ph:    (03) 9773 1881
                         Chelsea Heights  Vic  3196                                                                            Fax:      (03) 9773 4109
Physical Location:  Suite 39, L1 93 Wells Rd. Chelsea Heights  Vic  3196
To avoid delays in processing:
Please ensure Fee paying information and copies of educational qualifications and current First Aid Certificates are attached to support your application, with certified translations to accompany foreign language documents for Health & Wellbeing Membership.  Accredited Membership levels and all Renewals must also ensure that they have attached a copy of their Current Insurance Policy.



A new members "welcome pack"  is forwarded to all members upon joining.  We recommend this be retained as it contains the following important information relevant to the association and to the massage profession:

  • Membership certificate and tax receipt
  • Code of Conduct
  • Accreditation information and forms
  • Health Fund company information (included with Accreditation information pack)
  • Insurance House information 


All fees quoted are inclusive of GST


Membership is for a calendar year from the date of joining.
  • Yes - from 2019 onwards, all New and Renewing Members must provide a Police Check.  The Police Check is due for renewal every 3 years
  • Yes - from 2018 onwards all Therapeutic, Remedial & Myotherapy Members must provided a Fit & Proper Person Stat Dec.  The Fit & Proper Person Statutary  Declaration is due for renewal every year.
  • Yes - from 2019 onwards all Therapeutic, Remedial & Myotherapy Members must commit to undergo an Australian Industry Certification Programme.  The programme is to be completed within the set period of time.


It is the responsibility of members to arrange appropriate insurance cover.  An outstanding and competitive insurance product has been set up for members only by Insurance House under the MAA Master Policy.

The Insurance application form is included (sent to you) with the Member application form for all Members except Therapists in Training and must be returned to the office along with the Membership application form and attachments. MAA will apply the Membership Number and forward the Insurance Appliction form to Insurance House.  Insurance House will send you your Policy.

Details of the product and modalities covered can be viewed under "Insurance" .

Insurance House
Level 3, 100 Wellington Parade,
East Melbourne  Vic  3002

For further information, call Mary or Alex on 1300 659 626



All Members:  It is mandatory for all new and existing members to hold a current First Aid Level 2 Certificate.  The First Aid Certificate is to be renewed every three years.  





























Contact Info

Suite 39, Level 1, 93 Wells Road
Chelsea Heights Vic 3196


Postal Address:

Suite 39, Level 1, 93 Wells Road
Chelsea Heights Vic 3196
TEL: 03 9773 1881
FAX: 03 9773 4109

Phone enquiries between 9.00am to 4.00pm Office Hours (Mon-Fri) 9:00am to 4:00pm

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