General Membership

Health & Wellbeing Professional Membership Requirements:

Annual Subscription Fee

Current First Aid Certificate (updated every 3 years)

Annual Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance Policy

Annual MAA Approved Health Industry / Complimentary & Alternative Health Education Certificate in massage or related modality 

Commitment to Continuing Professional Education in Health Related  or Business Studies including Law and Ethics (Total Annual 20 CPE points)

Adhere to the Code of Conduct for Unregistered Health Care Professionals

Who Can Join as a Health & Wellbeing Professional Member?

This entry level is most suited to therapists applying with MAA approved Overseas Qualifications, pre National Training Courses (2002),therapists with qualifications issued by non RTOs approved under the MAA quality education program of Approved Training, RTO delivered courses not listed on the national training register or with old State Training qualifications, therapists with massage related qualifications not recognised by Health Funds, therapists not wishing to provide services for Health Fund rebates


Health & Wellbeing Professional Membership Benefits:

  • CREDIBILITY of belonging to one of the longest established associations
  • ¼ NEWSLETTER ‘In Touch’ keeping you up to date with Industry news
  • REMINDER INVITATION to join us again next year
  • HAVE YOUR SAY and VOTING rights at the next AGM
  • INVITATION to join the Board
  • INVITATION to contribute to the continuing success of MAA by joining one of the Board committees or sub-committees
  • INVITATION to purchase MAA approved products at discounted rates
  • LOWER FEES by focusing on practitioner essentials
  • FIND A PRACTITIONER web service for your potential clients
  • 1 FREE Classified Advertisement in each ¼ 'In Touch' Newsletter (max 80 words)
  • Update via the MAA website any change of home address, email, phone numbers
  • Update via the MAA website your completed CPE evidence
  • Send a notice to the Office via the MAA website that you wish to pay your Renewing Subscription by Credit Card
  • Use of the MAA Logo for Merchandising, Advertising, Uniforms, Business cards

Financial Disclosure  - Subscriptions:

12 month  NEW Member:  Health & Wellbeing Professional Membership Subscription Application Fee - $270.00 (Inc GST)

12 month  RENEWAL Health & Wellbeing Professional Membership Subscription Invitation Fee - $270.00 (Inc GST)

Refund Policy:

As this is an Annual Subscription for membership of the Association a no refund policy applies  

How can I find a copy of the Health & Wellbeing Practitioner application form?

Send an email to and request a copy of the form along with a copy of the IH Insurance Application form. You may request a pdf or word version or you may request the forms be posted out to you.

Self Service (Out of Office Hours) - Proactive Members:

New Member Profile form and Information Pack (TBA)


Invitation to RENEW your Annual Health & Wellness Membership Subscription:

Renewing ontime: No Penalty 

Late Renew: 14 days - Penalty applies -  $30.25  

Very Late Renew: 30 days - Penalty applies - $60.50 

Extended Leave - (6 - 12 months) - Members Renewing while still 'on leave': Conditions Apply maintaining continuous Membership

First Aid:

Level 2 (Senior) First Aid Certificate 

Higher levels of First Aid Accepted 

Nationally Recognised First Aid Certificate Courses are provided by Recognised Training Organisations (RTO) across Australia

It is the responsibility of the member to keep their First Aid up to date and provide a current copy of their certificate to the office in order to remain up to date with their Membership.


Insurance Policies are available from various Insurance Companies

Recommended MAA Master Policy Insurance available from Insurance House (IH).  This is an Insurance Policy that is specifically designed for MAA Members and is available at a reduced rate for MAA Members only. (MAA Member Number is required to access the discounted rate).

Member Service: Insurance House (IH) will send you an invitation to Renew your Insurance Policy prior to the renewal date 30th June in each year so that you remain covered.

Other Insurance Company Insurance Policies are accepted

Copy of your Annual Insurance Policy Receipt is required for continuing Membership Subscriptions. 

Continuing Professional Education (CPE) choices and related points:


Health & Wellbeing members intending to progress to Accredited Level:

Certificate Level Required:  National Australian Qualification - Certificate IV in Massage Therapy Practice available from a Recognised Training Organisation (RTO). [Recognition Pathway (RPL) is available from RTOs for past experience and prior education in the area of Massage - Overseas Qualifications may be accepted as prior learning and education - discuss availability with your chosen RTO]

Therapeutic Level of Membership: Health Fund Provider Numbers availability:  ARHG, Health Partners, CBHS

Health & Wellbeing members intending to progress to Accredited Remedial Level:

Certificate Level Required:  National Australian Qualification - Diploma of Remedial Massage available from a Recognised Training Organisation (RTO)

Health Fund Provider Numbers availability: Individual application forms are required for some Health Funds.  Conditions Apply related to Individual Health Funds Education Criteria. (Your training may not be accepted by all Health Funds. e.g.. 100% Distance/Online with no supervised practical experience is not accepted by Health Fund for Diploma of Remedial Massage)

[Recognition Pathway (RPL) is available from RTOs for past experience and prior education in the area of Massage - Overseas Qualifications may be accepted as prior learning and education - discuss availability with your chosen RTO]

Health & Wellbeing Extended Leave ('on leave'):

If you are travelling and working overseas your MAA membership and Insurance travels with you. If your Membership lapses your Insurance also lapses. Keep your Membership Subscription and Insurance current at all times.

If you are just taking a holiday or a well deserved break that is OK.  Keep your Membership Current.

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